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To upgrade to latest version or a higher edition, copy/paste your key(s) below and press Continue. If you need more licenses you will be able to add them in the last step.

NOTE: You will receive a new license key after the upgrade. You have a grace period of 30 days after your activate the new license key to uninstall the old version. After that the old key will be disabled automatically.
If you just want to see the upgrade prices click on the VIEW UPGRADE PRICES button below and select the version and edition you want to upgrade from.
Prețuri de Upgrade

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Dacă nu doriți să upgradați cheia, puteți adăuga mai multe licențe unei chei existente.

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Cumpărați Licențe Noi

Dacă nu aveți deja o licență, puteți cumpăra una.

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